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Family Dispute Resolution (Family Law Mediation) Services

Based in Sydney, NSW, available Australia-wide via video conference technology (Zoom)/phone
FDR Process

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Process

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) helps people respectfully discuss parenting and/or financial issues, consider options and reach mutually suitable agreements which take everyone’s interests into consideration. Best interests of the child is the guiding principle of family law mediation.
Family Mediation

Mediation services

Family dispute resolution & family mediation services.

Pre Mediation Session (Individual)

Scheduled for 1 hr (allow 1.5hrs) | Online / over the phone

Individual private and confidential session to help us understand your situation and the issues in dispute and make an assessment if FDR is a suitable process. Pre-mediation assessment also assists to better identify your needs and help you prepare for the mediation session.

Parenting mediation

Standard joint session scheduled for 3 hours, online

We help you respectfully discuss parenting issues and negotiate a parenting agreement which is in the best interest of your child/ren, taking into account their age, individual and developmental needs, attachment style and future needs.

To book/discuss availability call 0405430828

Property/Financial mediation

Standard joint session scheduled for 3 hours, online

We use a range of financial tools to help you model the financial proposals and help you respectfully negotiate fair and equitable financial agreement. We strongly encourage you seek professional legal advice prior to this mediation.

To book/discuss availability call 0405430828

Shuttle Mediation (Parenting OR Property)

Shuttle joint session scheduled for 4 hours, online

Offers additional level of safety/comfort where parties remain in separate virtual rooms and do not see or speak to each other, only the mediator. Normally takes a little longer as the mediator goes back and forth between the rooms.

To book/discuss availability call 0405430828

Mediation costs and fees

Language Other Than English (LOTE) Specialist Mediation Services

Tatiana is a fluent Russian language speaker and has good understanding of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

Section 60i certificates

Sometimes your case may be not suitable for mediation, or your dispute(s) may not be resolved in mediation. Tatiana is accredited to issue section 60i certificates under Family Law Act if required.

Online Delivery

Our mediation sessions are conducted online via Zoom in the comfort of your own home/office. Online delivery allows fast and effective dispute resolution with no wait lists.

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Individual Pre-mediation Session

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Shuttle Mediation Session

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Standard Joint Mediation Session